Turn Your Thank You Page Into A Fantastic First Impression


So someone signed up for your course or purchased your offer — congrats, that’s exciting!

But there’s still something super important to consider: the thank you page.

The thank you page is what your customer will see right after they purchase from you or sign up to work with you.

By making sure this page wows your customers, you’re creating a great first impression that gets your brand new customers excited about working with you again and again.

You can also create lots of buzz around your brand and nurture your audience in big ways from the thank you page. Keep reading to learn how!


Here are the 3 most important things to include on your thank you page:


Number One: Interactive Features

People will be thrilled to interact with you right after they’ve purchased. Think about it: their excitement is highest right after they read your sales page, got excited about what you have to offer, and decided to hit that buy button. Keep that excitement going with some fun, interactive moments on the thank you page.

These can be things like:

✨ A brand specific hashtag they can use on social media to interact with other people who are in your program

✨ A video to watch that welcomes them into your course

✨ A live chat feature where they can get questions answered on the spot

✨ A cool confetti popping moment or other interactive feature! We love this plugin for WordPress.

Something to consider: If you’re targeting cold traffic (aka – people who don’t know you), make sure you introduce yourself so they can get familiar!


Number Two: Fun Downloads

By offering downloads on your thank you page, your customers will get something to work on right away. People love instant gratification when they buy — this provides that for your customers and students!

Here are some great downloads to offer:

✨ Social media post templates that they can share to their feeds about the program they just joined (Bonus: this gets more eyeballs on your offer!)

✨ A pre-course worksheet or questionnaire

✨ Inspirational quote phone or desktop backgrounds to boost their excitement and keep their mindset positive


Number Three: Next Steps

Don’t just leave your audience hanging — make sure they know what’s next! By giving them the play-by-play of what’s coming, they’ll feel taken care of from day one. (And you’ll also have less emails to answer with questions.)

Here are a few ways you can provide next steps on your thank you page:

✨ Invite them to join the course Facebook Group where they can network with fellow students and get all the important details about what’s to come

✨ A calendar they can print out that has all the important dates (calls, lesson drop dates, etc.)

✨ A concise but detailed breakdown of what’s coming up so they know what to expect (send this info in a thank you email, too!)

✨ If it’s a freebie, invite them to share the opt-in page with their friends with some share buttons!


So there you have it, friends! The most important pieces to include on your thank you page.

By sharing activities like a video or inviting further connection on social media, your audience gets to interact with your brand right away.

By providing downloads related to your biz, your audience gets to post something fun to their page and it helps to build your brand in the process! It’s a total win-win.

By giving next steps to your customers, they know exactly what to expect in working with you and they feel taken care of from day one.



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