The 6 Things You Must Include On Your Checkout Page


Once you have your webinar registration page, sales page, and thank you page set up, you’re almost done!

Psst…if you don’t have those set up, we have blog posts and templates that will help! If you need help on your webinar registration page, sales page, or thank you page, go check those out!

There’s just one thing left: Your checkout page. In order to make sure people actually purchase your offer, this page needs to be top notch. Having an amazing webinar, thank you page, and sales page won’t save a bad checkout page.

There are 6 things to include on your checkout page to convert your audience into customers.



Here’s the breakdown of what your checkout page needs in order to convert...


Number One: Program Logo

Once people get to your checkout page, assure them that they’re in the right place by showing your logo. By matching branding across all pages, you will inspire trust in anyone landing on the checkout page.


Number Two: Program Tagline

Similar to number one, this is all about gaining the viewer’s trust and showing them that they’re in the right place. It also gives one more boost of motivation for them to buy, because hopefully your tagline tells them what their desirable end result will be!


Number Three: Offer Stack

Give a quick and concise breakdown of everything that’s inside to combat any last-minute objections and create some more excitement! Keep it in the sidebar if possible so that they don’t have to scroll to get to the “Buy Now” button. Keep all of the information in view!


Number Four: Testimonials

Show the results that other people have had from your offer. This adds social proof to your checkout page and encourages people to purchase and get the same wins!


Number Five: Order Bump

This isn’t a must, but it’s definitely a great thing to include! By including an add-on offer to your checkout page, you can increase your revenue and give more value to your customers!


Number Six: Guarantee Seals

You know your offer is amazing, but it helps to share that confidence with your audience in the form of a course guarantee. Share your refund policy with anyone looking to purchase so they have full confidence in purchasing.


By including these 6 things on your checkout page, it’s sure to convert! Happy launching!



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